The Artist

About Qam

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Qamdhyn Hale, I am a 14 year old student attending Antelope High School, in Antelope, CA. I attended Antelope Meadows for my elementary years and it was there with the help of my Mom, my Grams, a neurologist, and my 2nd grade teachers, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Bennett that I was identified as being part of the autism spectrum, Asperger’s Syndrome to be specific.  It wasn’t an easy diagnosis, there are no blood tests or lab work that can be ordered to determine definitively whether someone has a form of autism or not, however; all of the physical indicators, mannerisms, and social deficiencies were very apparent.I used drawing as a tool to help me focus during class; and have developed a comic strip series outlining my experience as a person on the autism spectrum. More